North of Albania also known as Ghegeria, offers alluring sceneries to the explorer. Rozafa Castle, rocky coast of Lake Skadar, Ancient Ottoman trading cities, untouched traditional life, and scenic ferry and trekking routes charms every soul. Hiking and rafting are some of the go-to reasons why you should visit the North of Albania. The mountains are unexplored and their beauty rather undiscovered. Meanwhile, the crowds are almost nowhere to be found. This makes the north of Albania a very charming place to relax and to enjoy nature. Ever wondered why the north of Albania is slowly rising in popularity among tourists? Let’s explore it together.

Shala River, North of Albania

Shala River is the Secret Paradise of Albania. The landscape parallels the most expensive resorts in the world. Where else can you find the snow-covered mountains with clear waters surrounding them? The freshness in the breeze with a crisp of winter is an unforgettable experience. Regardless of how many rivers you have seen, you will be amazed by the aqua color of the river. The water is so rich and pure that it seems to be taken out from a fairytale. The river is in the Albanian Alps, near the village of Theth. The river finally flows into Koman Lake. A boat trip to the lake will give you many beautiful views. In addition to that, you can also choose to hike through the Theth National Park. Some of the hidden gems of the valley are the Blue Eye of Theth and the Grunasi waterfall. There are many hidden and open waterfalls following the surroundings of the Shala river. A saying goes as that mountains hold big secrets inside them, and Albanian Alps are no different. There are many waterfalls in the caves of North of Albania, and the best place to observe nature from its core, undisturbed. The chiming river with crystal water is such a blessing for a lifetime. There is so much to do if you love active sports. For instance, if you are brave enough to swim in the river then definitely bring your swimming gear. During summer and spring, the snow on the mountain’s melts. At this time, the springs flow. The air is so pleasantly cool that it almost feels like heaven. Best of all, taking a dip inside the caves surrounding the Shala River is a must!

Valbona Valley

Azure skies and green valley with tall mountains. This is Valbona, the land of another blue flowing river known as the Valbona River. Albanian Alps surround the river and give a dream-like feel to it. Tall pine trees with a pine scent in the air, covered with beautiful snow in the winters and green leaves in the spring. Soon the autumn paints the valley in various colors of orange, red and yellow due to Albanian alpines. Around the year, the valley takes on different colors and hues. The Rocky Mountains that surround it are a treat for the eye. The small huts that dot the valley even beat the Swiss natural views. The natural beauty is breathtaking. Popular months for hiking are usually from May to October. After these months, the weather becomes cold here. Trekking is another good option. The village of Theth offers a lot of views. The valley is very tourist-friendly with many daily life supplies. Walk around the village along with a tasteful lunch with the locals gives u a possibility to get in touch with the real-life of north Albanians. Adventurous hiking trails taking you to Theth and vice versa are the main highlight of the valley. Valbona National Park is a part of the Prokletije Mountains which is a transboundary park with the highest biodiversity value of the country’s mountain mainland. It is the “Gem of Albania”.

To Sum it All

In conclusion, the North of Albania is filled with natural sites to visit. A boat or ferry ride is often the popular choice. The traditions of the region are very welcoming and the pristine nature with warm hospitality will make you come here again. When you are tired of routine and city hubbub, this is a very good spot to find some solace. To book your spot, contact us to form a very engaging and refreshing trip.


North of Albania also known as Ghegeria, offers alluring sceneries to the explorer. Shala River is the Secret Paradise of Albania and scenic ferry and trekking route charms every soul. Valbona valley surrounded by Albanian Alps gives a dream-like feel to it. Hiking and rafting are the absolute favorites.