Travel is one of the most popular ways to come across new things and cultures. Many people search for adventure in their journey. If you are one of them, you are in luck. Llogara Pass, Albania is just the place for the sporty adventure that will make you feel alive. It is in the beautiful Ceraunian mountains with a view of the sea and Himarë beach. The folklore suggests that Caesar once came here to fight a battle. From the height of almost a thousand meters, you can feel the force of nature deep within. Llogara pass is 30 km away from Vlore. In addition to that, the Llogara National Pass is rich in plant and animal diversity and falls under the IUCN protected regions. You can have a lot of fun here, let’s find out how:


There are many beautiful waterfalls in the Ceraunian mountains which open to small portions of the sea, perfect for rafting. The water is not very smashing but rather calm. You can team-up with your family, friends, or even fellow travelers and have a rafting race. You will have the most amazing view of the green mountains and the blue waters. Think about why will you opt for rafting in the first place? The adrenaline rush… With a crazy wave, you fight against the water and get ahead of it. What a beautiful way to feel alive. You can opt for any activities on a budget-friendly tour with us.

Horse Riding

Llogara Pass is one of the best coastal ranges. It connects Dukat valley, and just to the south of the Llogara Pass are some small villages. You may find some wild horse families in the mountains, but hey! Rest assured you will get tamed ones. The gorgeous and sturdy horses from the riding clubs are there for you to explore the amazing valley. If you know how to ride, then feel free to race the horse in the valley of the Llogara Pass. It feels so refreshing to move with the speed of the wind.

Parachuting at Llogara Pass

Parachuting is one of those sports which need a lot of willpower and guts. However, it is also one of the most rewarding sport too. You can experience this feeling as light as a bird, even flying like one. The aeroclub of Albania has many options for sports-loving. You will need some prior training for solo flying, but guided flying is also available. You will have an experienced parachuter along with you to assist. Llogara Pass is the perfect place to try this, with the sea breeze uplifting you and a panoramic view to take in.The coastal line is full of life in summer, with the squawking of seagulls in the background. You can have a major advantage if you choose us for your parachuting adventure.


A refreshing hike from the Llogara National Park to Mount Cika is all you need to relax and clear the mental clutter. It is a 3-hour hike, with amazing views and the cleanest air you can breathe in. Surrounded by the amazing mountains, there is a lot to discover during a hike. Hiking is one of those joys in life, that you don’t feel like you are missing until you experience them. Also, you can choose from the hiking trails. The best thing about them is all the trails are GPS enabled. Don’t miss the memories and remember to bring walking sticks for the hike.


Paragliding is another variation of Parachuting, but it is more self-guided. Do you know that we learned this art from squirrels? Paragliding swoops you off the ground, with spread wings, and you glide an eagle. The aeroclub of Albania also offers paragliding from the Llogara Pass. You can feel the joy of paragliding in your blood, with the expanse of sky and beautiful mountains and sea in front of you.

In a Nutshell

Adventure can be found anywhere, but at the Llogara Pass, the options are many. You can experience wild sports and can laze on the beautiful Himarë beach later. The Mediterranean climate will not disappoint you. Contact us to book your spot now.


Albania has so much beauty and cultural history to offer. Sparkling white sand with turquoise seas of this South European country will make you forget the Maldives, at much less cost.